Would you like to partner up and participate in an escape game from home?

A police investigation that will be full of twists!

Plot: Remember “that guy” at work who always come late and whom everyone like or hate ? Thanks to a friend, you can go to his work computer to give him a little surprise. The story begins with that surprise and will take you on a crazy advendture of betrayal and investigation in the land of computer security.
Goutte de vie lille escape game entreprise collègue

How to play?

This home escape game is a cooperative team investigation from more than one hour. Each player will have access to the shared game space online. 

Play when you want : after checkout, you will get a code usable anytime for you and your team.

Anyone can play

Playable from 14 years old and no physical requirements, bring the whole family !

I already have a code : www.gouttedevie.com/escape-en

Goutte de vie lille escape game entreprise collègue


Communication between the team member is strongly recommended ! you can use either a voice or a video software.

Buy now to recieve the full instructions and start playing !

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Group of 3 to 5 players *


Pay with paypal :
€14.90, $16.17 or £13.05

Group of 6 to 9 players *


Pay with paypal :
€29.80, $32.34 or £26.05

Group of 9 to 15 players *


Pay with paypal :
€44.70, $48.51 or £39.08

More than 15 players?

Contact us by mail : [email protected]
* We mean “players” the number of computers connecting to the character. If you are two people behind the same screen, we count only one of the two players.